Rea Maja Mihaic has worked as a sales manager within the arts industry since 2016. 

Rea’s strength is interior design, organising space, and creating a proper and unique personal/business style.

With a distinctive taste for art, fashion, and design, Rea can help buyers find their ideal investment in the art world. She speaks English, Hebrew, Serbian, Polish, Italian, Spanish and her expertise is communication and client relations.

Currently Rea Maja lives between Miami and New York, and works as an art dealer worldwide.

Her presence in Art Basel Miami and numerous festivals and social events made her progress quickly in the artworld, as a person whose taste and finesse make her stand out. 

She contributes to buyers, by making the right choices for their personal collections as well as hotels, restaurants and business premises. 

She was a part of the Elizabeth Sutton Collection team since 2017, as a sales manager. 

All fine art inquiries and collaborations went through Rea. 

Today she represents a number of artists from Europe and the US. The artists she takes on are carefully selected and connected to potential partners.

Rea went to Borough of Manhattan Community College (2008 – 2010) and Machon Ora Women’s Yeshiva in Yerusalem (2012 – 2014). She graduated from Crosby Highschool in Houston, TX, in 2008. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia and raised everywhere from Serbia and Croatia, to Italy, Poland and the US.